Links for Friday 5/10/12

I’ve seen a lot of inspirational/ enlightening/ refreshing articles and posts online lately and instead of constantly bombarding my FB and Twitter friends with them (though, I still might do that, sorry) I thought it would be a good idea if I rounded up my favourite ones each Friday on the blog. Have a look, maybe you’ll find something that you like or that makes you think in a new way.

This post by Hadley on Travel Freak examines the French term “dérive” as meaning a kind of mental exploration that encourages us to “take a journey wherever you are.”

Kate from Marshmellow Goodness and her husband are currently working in Cambodia with the Peace Corp. In this post Kate describes what she has observed about being a woman in Cambodia.

Rachel Held Evans is one of my favourite bloggers to read on matters of faith, feminism, and many things in between. In this post she invites a stay-at-home dad to respond to the questions of commentors on his choice to stay home. A thoughtful and challenging read.

Josh and I are both big fans of Stephen Fry. In this video Fry talks about what he wishes he had known when he was 18, including his thoughts on two of my great passions: travel and reading.



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