Chasing Spring Sunlight

This past winter seemed to drag on forever. Actually, every winter here seems to do that because spring is always so wet and windy, but I somehow forget how cold it will be every year. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism or something. Anyway, last week we happened to have some lovely sunny days. Finally! Of course, as I write this the temperature has dropped and it is raining once again, but I am trying to latch on to that feeling of sunshine on my legs and remember than summer is on its way. The other day we went for a walk with my middle sister to the “esplanade” which is basically a big park near the river.

We enjoyed the last of the cherry blossoms…

…Josh showed us where the aviaries were (for some reason I hadn’t discovered them after all this time in PN!)…

A pair of Indian Ringneck parrots.

Fun fact: I have been obsessed with birds since I was 12. I have owned budgies, cockatiels, eclectus parrots, and many others. I can’t wait to be a bird owner again one day when we are more settled.

…we spent some time in the orchid greenhouse, trying to remind ourselves of a more humid land, and finally we stopped to see the new ducklings.

My sister and I.

It’s easy for me to forget that we have places to explore just a ten minute walk away from our house so getting out and about was a good reminder.


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