In one memory of my childhood in Indonesia I am at a hotel in Surabaya with my parents and siblings for a conference. The hotel has a giant (to me, anyway) maze in its garden. Every single day of our stay there I go into the maze and slip down as many different paths as I can, doubling back at parts, turning corners, spinning around— all in an attempt to feel that feeling of lostness, a feeling that both terrified and thrilled me.

After spending my life constantly bouncing between countries, cities, houses, schools, friends, lives, I think that feeling of being lost was the closest thing to feeling at home that I knew because it was so familiar. Lostness and questions of home, journeys, belonging, and not belonging have informed the entire way that I have lived my life so far. That feeling that I sought in the maze is the same feeling I seek now through travel, learning, writing and loving— a feeling which tells me that there is always another corner to turn, an avenue to explore, a page to write.

Quick facts:

  • I’m a girl from downunder (New Zealand, not Australia) and I’m married to a California boy. We met in Indonesia, had a long distance relationship that spanned the Pacific Ocean, and were finally able to live in the same country and get married in 2011.
  • We’re both in our early 20s.
  • I write, he takes photos.
  • If Bradbury can use it then we think “lostness” is totally a word. So there.

This is our blog that will document our adventures: the big, the small, the international and the domestic.


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